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Our practitioners

Dr Bétina Lautour
Doctor of Chiropractic (MChiro)
Doctor of Chiropractic

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Bétina in a nutshell

Bétina works at our Nailsea Clinic

From a very young age, Bétina knew she wanted a career that helped people have a better, healthier and longer life through a natural approach. When Bétina was only 15, her mother sought the help of a Chiropractor after suffering from neck pain, migraines and extremely low energy levels. Bétina's mother's life completely changed after treatment and she was able to do the things she loves again with ease. This is when Bétina decided to become a Chiropractor. Bétina strongly believes that our body has the power to heal itself. We can all adapt if we keep our body adjusted, nourished and looked after properly. Bétina graduated from Franco-European Chiropractic Institute in Paris and she is currently a member of United Chiropractic Association.

What Bétina likes 

Bétina has a keen interest in nutrition and sport

Nutrition and sport plays a huge role in Bétina’s life, as she believes they are important pillars to our health. In her free time, she also enjoys yoga, travelling and dancing.

Bétina's approach

A healthy spine is key to enhance body strength 

Bétina knows how much stress can compromise the human body. A healthy spine is key to enhance body strength and reinforce its ability to heal itself. Through chiropractic care, a good diet and regular exercises, patients can get back to the activities they love and lead the life they want to live with ease!

Where you can find Bétina

Nailsea clinic

Telephone: 01275 380 048
Email: Betina.Lautour@willowlife.co.uk

21A Somerset Square, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1RQ

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At Willow we have created a unique work environment that allows our Chiropractors to develop their passion for helping people through Chiropractic. The mutual support provided by our skilled and friendly team makes this a special place to work...

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