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Dr Shawn Chou
Doctor of Chiropractic, BMus in Therapy

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Shawn in a nutshell

Shawn works at our Clevedon Clinic

Shawn found chiropractic care as his last resort after suffering from chronic upper back, shoulder and neck pain. He was a choir and orchestra conductor at the time he began care in 2003 and found that chiropractic allowed him to not be in pain after long grueling rehearsals.

He asked his chiropractor about all of these amazing health results and she helped him realize that a correctly functioning spine allows the body to heal itself.

After that, Shawn continued with regular chiropractic care which lead to his interest in becoming a chiropractor himself. He has continued his education by reading for a Master’s Degree in Clinical Neuroscience program at Parker University where he also obtained his chiropractic degree.

What Shawn likes

Travelling and music

Shawn enjoys traveling, meeting new people, classical music, major choral and symphonic works, the BBC Proms, musical theater, cooking and entertaining.

As a certified life coach, Shawn also enjoys helping others achieve their life goals and ambitions whether that is to become healthier or have, do or be whatever they want. 

Shawn has served in five chiropractic missions to El Salvador and enjoys serving those in need of care. What lights him up is to see others light up especially after a powerful chiropractic adjustment.

Shawn's approach

The body's power to heal itself

Shawn believes each person is his or her own highest authority on their health and he serves as his patients’ guide through their health journey.

While he is well versed in several chiropractic techniques he caters each adjustment to the unique needs of the patient in front of him.

Shawn’s ultimate goal is to spread the message of chiropractic so that everyone knows what their own bodies can do through having regular chiropractic care.  

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Where you can find Shawn

Clevedon clinic

Clevedon clinic

Telephone: 01275 338 711 

Email: shawn.chou@willowlife.co.uk 

26 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 6LY

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