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Dr Sonya Popal
Doctor of Chiropractic, BCAO
Doctor of Chiropractic

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Sonya in a Nutshell

Sonya works at our Clevedon clinic

Dr Sonya Popal is a licensed chiropractor and a graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. After graduating from the University of Maryland in College Park with a BS in Biology, Dr Sonya started working in Reproductive Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. She made the transition to chiropractic when her chiropractor friend told her about some of the amazing results she had seen in her patients as a result of their care. Chiropractic has since become her love.

She had an opportunity to travel to Brazil and volunteer in the Bahia province. There, she adjusted many people who have little or no access to health care. It was a life changing experience that made her realize how truly blessed she is to have her health. Her aim is to improve one’s quality of life by optimizing the body’s ability to fully express health.

What Sonya Likes

Multi-lingual, multi-talented

Dr Sonya’s mission is to provide quality chiropractic care for her patients, and strive to be a knowledgeable resource of health and wellness for her community. She is fluent in Farsi and beginning Dutch. She enjoys yoga, swimming, hiking, jogging and healthy cooking.

Sonya’s Approach

Stablise, strengthen, holistic

Dr Sonya utilizes manual treatment methods such as Gonstead, Diversified and Thompson with a focus on upper cervical and Activator, which she has advanced proficiency rating. She also incorporates exercise programs that help stabilize posture through improving balance and core strength, stretching tightened postural muscles, and strengthening reciprocally weakened muscles. Her goal is to help people live life to the fullest by providing the highest standard of alternative healthcare, firstly by getting the patient out of pain as quickly as possible and secondly by strengthening the body and changing behaviors to minimize future problems. She believes in holistic health care from above-down, inside-out.

Dr Sonya also incorporates a wellness philosophy that nutrition and diet is an essential part of preventative healthcare and a core component in any wellness plan. In addition to helping to maintain a healthy weight, good nutrition is essential for the body and all its systems to function optimally for a lifetime.

Where you can find Dr Sonya

Clevedon clinic

Telephone: 01275 338 711
Email: sonya.popal@willowlife.co.uk

26 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 6LY

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Bedminster Clinic, Bristol

Dr Tim Scott
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Dr Ryan Stephenson

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At Willow we have created a unique work environment that allows our Chiropractors to develop their passion for helping people through Chiropractic. The mutual support provided by our skilled and friendly team makes this a special place to work...

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