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Our practitioners

Dr Ian Orr
Doctor of Chiropractic (MSc (Chiro), LMRCC)
Doctor of Chiropractic

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Ian in a nutshell

Ian works at our Yate clinic

Ian studied for his Masters in Chiropractic at the University of Surrey, as a mature student. His passion for chiropractic came from spending 6 years in the Army and subsequently having to recover from some quite serious injuries.

After graduating in 2002 he went on to study Western Acupuncture (dry-needling) and fascial release techniques. He started his career in an exceptionally busy practice in London, then set up his own which he sold to join the Willow Team in his family's home city of Bristol.

What Ian likes 

Pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle 

Ian is focused on the powerful rewards that an active body and mind will bring and is determined to pursue a healthy lifestyle. He aims to still be running half and full marathons, skiing, riding, climbing and practising Yoga way beyond what most patients would consider to be normal. 

Ian's approach 

Encouraging others to share his passion  

Ian is extremely keen to enable and encourage all his patients, including his two young daughters and wife, to share in this passion for health by embracing, utilising and sharing all that chiropractic care can give. He loves treating patients of all ages: kids, parents and grandparents alike.

Where you can find Ian

Yate clinic

Telephone: 01454 740 075
Email: ian.orr@willowlife.co.uk

37 South Parade, Yate, Bristol, BS37 4BB

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Nailsea Clinic, Somerset

Dr Liam Rice
Doctor of Chiropractic (MChiro, PG Cert)

Liam's interest in chiropractic started as a teenager when a sporting injury stopped him from competing...

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Bedminster Clinic, Bristol

Dr Tim Scott
Doctor of Chiropractic (BSc (hons), MChiro, LRCC)

Tim’s interest in chiropractic began at 18, when he sort treatment for a neck injury, after someone kindly crashed into him on his driving test (he still passed!).

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Clevedon Clinic, Somerset

Dr Pippa Seaton
Doctor of Chiropractic (MChiro; MSc Sports, Exercise & Health Medicine)

Pip loves the outdoors, and professionally has a special interest in sportspeople and women during pregnancy.

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Careers at willow

At Willow we have created a unique work environment that allows our Chiropractors to develop their passion for helping people through Chiropractic. The mutual support provided by our skilled and friendly team makes this a special place to work...

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