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Posted on 09 April 2020
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Maintaining health and wellbeing during lockdown

During an unsettling time like this one, you may feel like things are very much out of your control. But there are still lots of things you can do – aside from social distancing and washing your hands – to protect your health and wellbeing. We share some of our favourite tips here:


Structure your day

Although our usual routines have been disrupted and we’re uncertain of when they’ll go back to normal, routine will still be your friend during these times. It’ll prove challenging, but routine will allow you to adapt more quickly to this current reality, help you manage your daily stresses and ensure that you’re keeping active.

Create a to-do list each week and start ticking off what you’ve achieved day by day. Make sure to include fun activities and relaxation time, as well as the more mundane tasks.

Dr Liam and Dr Freya have given you their top tips on how to put plan of action in place while you’re at home, click here to give it a watch.


Get in the zone

Create clear divisions between work and non-work time, ideally in both your physical workspace and your headspace. Working in short spurts with clear breaks will help to maintain your clarity of thought.


Keep moving

Set aside at least one hour a day to keep active. As more of us are living, working or studying in the same space, it is even more important to take breaks to move, stretch and focus on our mental wellbeing.

Put some music on and walk briskly around the house or up and down the stairs for 10-15 minutes, two or three times per day. Dance to your favourite music. Do gardening and lawn work (the secret workout). Perform yoga – deep breathing and mindfulness.

Find ways to do simple muscle strengthening exercises around your house such as squats or sit-to-stands from a sturdy chair, push-ups against a wall, lunges or single-leg step-ups on stairs. There are so many creative ways to stay active.

Even when you’re watching TV, there is no excuse to stay still. Get up during every advert break and do a lap around your home or an active chore. Throw some clothes in the washing machine, do the dishes or take out the garbage. Feel productive after just one programme.

Don’t forget, this is a time to spend time with your family or housemates so make sure they get involved too. Being active together is the most fun of all!

We have uploaded several videos on how to stay active while at home, click here to get active with some of your favourite Chiropractors. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date.


And finally, eat well.  

It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet, especially while you’re less active. You don't have to follow a particular diet but aim to include complex carbohydrates found in fruit, vegetables and whole grains. They provide important nourishment for our brains and slowly release energy, which also stabilizes our moods.

Aim for at least 7-8 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day and include a variety of foods that are high in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as the minerals iron, zinc and selenium. If you want more specific recipes, please click here.

Try to avoid processed foods wherever you can, as they tend to be high in sugar. Please see our How To Cut Back On Sugar Entirely, and Why You Should blog for more in-depth guidance.


Eager for more advice? We’ll be posting daily workouts and health tips on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram page to ensure that you stay the best possible version of yourself. 

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