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Posted on 17 February 2017 by Willow Chiropractic
Tags: Active Ageing, Diet & Hydration, Exercise, Family Health, Health, Pain, Pain Relief

Is your age an excuse, or just a number?

“Aging is not lost youth. But a new stage of opportunity and strength.” -  Betty Friedan

So many of us believe that as we get older, declining health and happiness is normal. We will be less mobile, less active and have more pain. That’s inevitable, right?


What if we can turn this wrong, frail old belief into a new active, mobile yet still elderly belief?

The goal of this blog is to suggest a new way of looking at things. A studied opinion through the eyes of someone who has seen multiple elderly folk turn their lives around.

Where do you start?

The number one top tip to staying active and mobile is to first look after your body. It’s like a car – it needs some TLC to keep it working smoothly.

Chiropractic is a service for your body. It has worked wonders for people of all ages and you’re never too old to have your spine checked for potential problems. (A £30 problem ignored becomes a £300 problem further down the line.)

Some of the positive effects elderly patients tell us about:

  • More flexibility, providing more mobility and better balance (fewer falls).
  • Limited or no pain (fewer painkillers).
  • Better sleep (more energy and zest for life).
  • More of a ‘can do’ attitude (enjoy life and not have to opt out of things).

Maybe you have always enjoyed a game of golf but have found that you are now starting to struggle? Walking is getting painful and your back hurts after a game. And you are getting fed up with taking painkillers every time you play.

Chiropractors work with the central hub of your body, the spine, and nervous system. They do much needed joint adjustments to realign the body. This has proven to rapidly increase and improve a lot of our elderly patient’s overall movement along with their golf game.

One patient, Lesley, discovered that after only 6 treatments her golf swing improved and the movement in her hips increased. This enabled her to do a full round of 18-holes and be pain-free afterwards. Inspired by what our Chiropractors did, Lesley kindly referred her golf friends in (which she now profoundly regrets as her friend’s performances have also improved!).

So, you are recieving Chiropractic care; what do you do next?

Your spine feels aligned, your legs and hips are moving again, and you have a passion you want to pursue. With Chiropractic care, plus a healthy plant-based diet (ask your Chiropractor for more information), along with a ‘can do’ attitude in regards to your chosen activity, you can re-light this passion.

Unfortunately, many of us, as we get older, do not pursue this passion but instead blame a number (our age) as an excuse not to follow it. This is the general belief of a rapidly aging nation unable to find a solution to their pain, lack of enthusiasm and in-active attitude.

What are the options?

Maybe there is a local community supporting an elderly swim class? Or maybe you want to play some football like the golden days. Rushing into an activity can cause more problems than you expect. Light-weight duties and moderately active sports will work well during the beginning of your Chiropractic care but the most important thing is to wait for your Chiropractor to give you the approval for your chosen active sport thereafter. Willow Chiropractors are always available to give you advice and tips on when it is safe to do so.

So, what is your passion? What do you want to pursue? Having a healthy body, a happy lifestyle, and some positive goals will contribute greatly towards an active retirement. And you never know, you may get that elusive hole in one yet!

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