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Posted on 11 June 2020
Tags: Family Health, Health, Mental, Stress, Wellbeing

Gratitude Journaling: Morning and Night

Gratitude journaling has a wide range of benefits. It improves sleep, improves your sense of wellbeing and improves your positivity and outlook on disruptive events in your life - such as this one.

Although times are tough, it's important to remember that our water supply and electricity is uninterrupted, supermarkets and hospitals are still operating and we are safe inside our homes.

When you change your mindset and start thinking this way, you develop a sense of gratitude. Such gratitude overrides and overcomes whatever worries you may have. It makes you feel connected.

Here are three key ways to effectively practice gratitude journalling powerfully - so all those good feelings stick at a core level and you become happier. 

Be grateful in the morning and reflective in the evening

The structure of the journal is simple. First, recognize three things you are grateful for. Second, visualize three things that would make the upcoming day great. And third, complete two different personal affirmations. Then, at the end of the day, you can unwind by reflecting on the great events of the day. The structure leads to starting each day on a positive note and ending each day with a smile on your face.

Be descriptive, personal, and positive

Gratitude journaling works best when you are specific with what you are grateful for. The more detailed you can get, the easier it is to connect with the emotion. Focusing on people and your relationship with them also brings about a better sense of satisfaction.

Keep it a daily habit

For many, daily repetition is the only way to reinforce a habit. If you are the type of person that gets a thrill out of achieving goals, this is a good method for you. Set your alarm every morning and every evening to ensure your commitment to this journal.

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