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Posted on 05 July 2016 by John Gil
Tags: Family Health

Don’t let holiday preparations put extra strain on your spine...

Cooking, cleaning, reaching, wrapping, hanging, hugging, lifting... holiday preparations prove still to be mainly a women’s work. Even when men attempt to help out, studies show that it is the woman in the household who supervises, delegates and ensures the holidays are successful and aesthetically uplifting.  

The Daily Mail found that women report being far more stressed out over holiday preparations than men, and that part of that stress is a result of men not seeming to contribute enough to the effort and not seeming to give much care to whether or not things get done.  

Working mothers take on a third job during the holidays, as they are constantly pushing themselves to run out for those few gifts, or stay up and finish those few tasks, straining muscles that have already been working all day.  Those repetitive movements along with the nutritious meals skipped in the rush and the stress of non-cooperative husbands could lead to some chronic pain issues.   A slightly throbbing back or stiff neck, a subtle limp or one too many headaches and aspirins popped can lead to unbearable pain and permanent musculoskeletal conditions.  The sort of conditions that should send holiday-prepping women to the chiropractors.  

That’s not a problem for the Chiropractors at Willow. Our practitioners are no strangers to seasonal tasks and holiday stress.  Over many years these practitioners have taught themselves to leverage their limbs and nurture their muscles in order to continue giving you their upmost healing effort.  

Our practitioners themselves are the most effective case studies for prospective patients to be aware of, as our team members have personally witnessed and proudly enjoyed the results of chiropractic care on their own holiday celebrations.  Most importantly they’ve learned not to wait until the muscular abuse and stress builds up into unbearable chronic pain, but to partake in preventative measures.  This should enable you to work get more accomplished during each of your holiday hours, and, ideally enjoy your holiday guests stress free (including your husband).  

Don’t go weeks and months without any musculoskeletal maintenance, or you may be more likely to eventually develop a chronic pain condition that will cause you to put a big damper on the big day you’ve been preparing for all along.  Chronic pain can cause memory lapses in women, which could potentially not only sabotage your good time, but endanger your family’s well being. There are many such mothers and wives in Bristol.  Only highly educated chiropractors that research human physiology and musculoskeletal treatment innovations that will ideally provide lasting results.  Those are the only kind of practitioners we screen and hire here at Willow Chiropractic.

So why not cut the stress and the spousal conflict out of your holidays?  Get back to that holiday cheer and give us a call at Willow Chiropractic to book an appointment.

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