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Posted on 11 May 2020
Tags: Announcement, COVID-19

Willow Re-Opens

Willow Chiropractic will re-open its seven clinics in the Bristol area from Monday 11th May for both existing and new patients. 

Working in conjunction with the Government’s latest advice and Public Health England’s guidance, Willow Chiropractic will be reopening it’s seven clinics which are based throughout Bristol and surrounding areas. 

Chief Executive, Matthew Allen said; “These are difficult times for the community and we are doing everything possible to support people who are struggling with pain and in need of our services. The lockdown has meant that many people have worsening conditions such as back pain, headaches and joint pain; not helped by lower levels of activity and increased stress” 

The government has made clear that private healthcare businesses should be open where possible to provide essential services; keeping pressure off of the NHS. Travel to a health-related appointment is considered essential travel under the lock-down rules. 

Matthew continued: “We are doing everything possible to support our NHS; it is our job to support the brave doctors and nurses by ensuring that people have access to the best healthcare services. By getting people out of pain we help them avoid unnecessary GP visits, medication or potential surgeries.” 

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

It is the second most common reason for seeking care from a family doctor.

A local company, Willow is one of the largest teams of Chiropractic Doctors in the UK, specialising in a range of conditions from back pain and headaches to arthritic pain and sports injuries. 

“To ensure patient safety our team have the necessary personal protection equipment in line with the Public Health England recommendations. By investing in cleaning and infection control measures we can care for patients safely whilst changes in our reception areas maintain the social distancing measures.” 

Willow is accepting new patients and have consultations available from £10 which includes; a full examination, posture report, diagnosis and set of personalised recommendations. 

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