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Posted on 02 November 2020
Tags: Announcement, Business, COVID-19

Willow Remains Open

Continuing to keep you safe...

We are open and we are here for you.

Along with other healthcare providers, Willow will remain open so you can continue to receive your care during these turbulent times.

Attending your chiropractic appointment is essential healthcare travel and we are equipped with medical-grade PPE to ensure you can continue to receive your care safely.

Our opening hours will remain the same and you should attend your appointments as normal.

Please remember that if you have any symptoms or have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks - you should not attend the clinic. If you are choosing to self-isolate for any reason, please do let us know.

Your safety is our priority 

We are ensuring that all patients are symptom-free before attending and screening everyone who comes into the clinic. We are also increasing our cleaning and infection control procedures and operating social distancing throughout the reception areas in all clinics. Everyone in our team will be wearing comprehensive PPE including masks, gloves and aprons.

What you need to know 

We are asking all of our patients to confirm that they are symptom-free and have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms before attending the clinic. We also ask patients to please:

  • Wear minimal jewellery on your hands and only bring essential belongings.
  • Pay attention to signage and respect the two metres social distancing rules.
  • Use the hand gel provided on arrival and departure from the clinic.
  • Arrive on time - not too early and not late.

Patients can also take advantage of our pre-pay care plans and book appointments in advance to make their visit as easy and contact-free as possible.

If you have any questions or are unsure about whether you should attend your appointment for any reason, please get in touch.

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