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Posted on 23 October 2016 by Gus Nixon
Tags: Back Pain

Back pain - a huge problem

The research is in, the stats are ominous, it’s certainly no surprise to hear that back pain is a huge problem for a staggering percentage of the population. We all know someone who suffers with back pain, we probably know many, as you’re reading this you may even be thinking “ I have it too!” 

So why is back pain so common?

Well, as with all conditions there is a huge list of things that can potentially be causing back pain but some of the more common ones are;

  • deskwork
  • poor seating posture
  • sleeping position
  • driving, gardening
  • sport.

We can group all of the above under 'lifestyle'. For many of us it’s all the different things that we do on a daily basis that are each playing a small part of a much bigger problem - back pain. But we can’t just stop doing all the things that we do every day! I hear you say. I totally agree, you can’t; children need to go to school and sit at desks and carry heavy bags, we need to use PC’s and mobile phones for our jobs and to keep in contact with friends and family, we need to drive every day, we have to work in the garden to keep it from turning in to a jungle, we could possibly stop playing sport...but we love to play it!

The answer you are looking for

So if we can’t completely change our lifestyle then what do we do? Chiropractic may just be the answer you’re looking for. Chiropractors understand that your lifestyle is important to you. We’re not here to stop your lifestyle, we’re here to help you manage it in the best way possible for your health. Chiropractic gets your body back to being at it’s best.

Our first goal is to get you feeling more comfortable and moving better. Then we want to work on some specific rehab in order to help your body stay better for longer.

As well as hands-on techniques we also give exercises and postural advice so you know that when you’re sitting at your desk or driving your car you’re in the best possible position for your spine and you keep the stress on it to a minimum.

You don’t have to become another back pain statistic, make the smart choice and do something about it. 

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