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Charmaine's story

Treated for Shoulder pain at Emersons Green clinic

The onset of frozen shoulder was causing me considerable pain, numbness in my arm and tingling in my fingers.

I was frustrated with the lack of movement and not being able to complete simple everyday tasks and was keen to return to playing badminton. I was also suffering with distrurbed sleep from the ache in my shoulder.

The tingling disappeared within a session or two but as my shoulder froze more my elbow began to take the strain, as did the muscles around my neck. Tom has strengthened my elbow and kept my shoulder as mobile as possible, as well as introducing some acupuncture to relive the tension in my neck. On occasions the sessions have been a bit painful but the release of tension and increased movement have been worthwhile. Gradually the sessions have reduced to once a fortnight.

Looking back over the last 6 - 7 months its difficult to remember the level of pain I was in. Small milestones such as reaching in to a high cupboard or simply tying my hair in a ponytail have made me smile but the best reward has been the return to badminton, gradually increasing from playing for a maximum of 20 mins and now being able to play for 2 hours with no pain!

I currently have around 70% of my movement back and most importantly am able to go about my daily life as normal. Tom has been friendly, helpful, professional and informative throughout my whole treatment and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or Willow to friends and family - thanks Tom.


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Adam's story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic

Since joining Willow I have felt like a new person. Not only do I have a lot more energy but the constant back pain has gone.”

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Shane's story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic

1 year on starting Chiropractic care Shane is back teaching children's boxing, working full time, is getting back to fitness and most incredibly, has not had a seizure all year. ”

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Roxy's Story

Treated for Shoulder pain at our Little Stoke clinic
Dane Jacks

My life has now changed for the better as I no longer struggle at work, and I can now comfortably go horse riding.”

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Are you in pain?

Call us on 0800 511 8966 or fill in the form below and one of our Bristol Chiropractors will get in touch.