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willow chiropractic

Kate's Story

Treated for Back pain at Emersons Green clinic

“My back has never been strong. I’ve always had the odd twinge and ache, but with a family history of back problems I never did anything about it. Then quite suddenly my back went into spasm whilst dusting; I wasn’t twisting, stretching, or doing anything out of the ordinary – simply dusting. Within 10 minutes I was on the floor unable to move, as the only respite was lying flat on my back. A friend recommended Willow to me; the thought of anyone touching my back was inconceivable, but the pain relief prescribed by my GP were making me very nauseous amongst other horrible side effects, so I decided I was willing to give it a try.

When I first met Jack I couldn’t even sit unaided. I couldn’t raise my arms without pain and found even walking painful. After just my first treatment I managed to walk around my local supermarket, gingerly but in no pain at all. After subsequent treatments my mobility improved immeasurably, and in one week I felt almost totally normal. It is unfathomable to comprehend the pain I was in and how effectively Jack has been able to treat me, without me needing to take painkillers. Looking back it’s easy to see the warning signs – hindsight is a wonderful thing! Knowledge is key, and I now have a robust care plain in place. I now know that I have Willow Chiropractic to turn to.”

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Stephen's story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic

I am still attending the Clifton clinic and feel much better than before, things are a lot easier, I am very pleased with the treatment.”

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Neve's story

Treated for Knee pain at our Yate clinic
by Bristol Chiropractor - Ian Orr

Knee pain and thumb pain stopped me from doing any sport, any writing and even walking but with Ian's help I can do everything, pain free!”

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John's story

Treated for Back pain at our Nailsea clinic
Kash Saleemi

I’m currently six weeks in to my treatment and my pain has totally gone. My posture has improved greatly and I’m more mobile.”

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Call us on 0800 511 8966 or fill in the form below and one of our Bristol Chiropractors will get in touch.