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Nathan's story

Treated for Back pain at Little Stoke clinic

Nathan is a 24 years old keen BMX biker who has been selected to represent the UK in numerous European competitions. He first came to Willow Chiropractic's Little Stoke clinic in 2015 after suffering a severe fall from a mid-air jump on his bike during a competition and landing on his sitting bones. He was taken to A&E, who confirmed there were no fractures, and his GP felt it was unlikely he would be able to compete again due to this injury.

Nathan is a patient at the Concord Medical Centre where Willow Chiropractic is based. His GP suggested he contact us for a second opinion and advice. When Nathan attended his consultation he couldn’t walk without limping and was finding sitting, lying and driving very painful. He was also unable to get onto his bike due to his injuries.

Angus found that the fall had twisted Nathan’s pelvis out of line so that he was unable to undertake daily activities without aggravating his pain. Nathan attended Willow Chiropractic for a course of treatment and with support and advice from Angus was able to return to BMX training and ultimately competition again.

Nathan says; “I’m so glad I went to see Angus at Willow Chiropractic, I’m now able to train again and am back to full fitness. I’ve also discovered that I’m slightly faster with my reactions in competitions now which gives me the edge over the other riders. I now attend Willow Chiropractic regularly for maintenance care, as I know it keeps me at the top of my game in the BMX field and hope to compete more internationally representing the UK! “ 


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Call us on 0800 511 8966 or fill in the form below and one of our Bristol Chiropractors will get in touch.