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Heidi's story

Treated for Knee pain at Yate clinic

Heidi was one of Willow's regular maintenance patients. She used chiropractic adjustment to keep her active and mobile around her regular exercise. Now she had decided to give herself a big challenge and train for the London marathon. Unfortunately, Heidi suffered injury in the mid part of her marathon training and had started to experience terrible knee pain that meant she couldn't run more than 2 miles.

Heidi came to see Willow after the injury. She had also booked in to see a private knee consultant for a scan which would have cost her hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Willow reassessed her and found that her problem could be corrected with chiropractic care. Using adjustments, mainly on the pelvis, the pressure was taken away from her knee so that the injury could recover. The correction also helped her running style to become more balanced. 

Heidi gradually improved and upped her training. Willow was there to support her on the day and watch her complete her first marathon, an amazing achievement. Here is what Heidi said;
"I've been seeing Willow at Yate clinic for treatment for the last two years. Regular sessions help me perform to the best of my ability in the various forms of exercise I do. At the start of the year I began training for the London Marathon which I was running for the Bristol children's hospital. Five weeks into my plan I was hit with an injury that took me out of running completely for 4 weeks.

Willow worked so very hard to establish the underlying reason for my injury, in turn treating the actual real injury instead of just where I was feeling the pain. She is so very knowledgeable and great at her job. Each treatment I received (I had one every 5 days for the last 5 weeks!) I was met with positivity, reassurance and advice on what to do to help the healing process along. 
Throughout February and March, I was looking at not even starting the marathon, come April 24th I started and finished it. There's no doubting that I wouldn't have achieved this without Willow's care and treatment. Thank you Willow, so very much for being part of my Marathon journey and getting my body ready for the start line."



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