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willow chiropractic

Neil's story

Treated for Neck, Head pain at Emersons Green clinic

Before I started treatment, I would find that at the end of the day the pain in my neck was quite bad, especially on work days it was painful and I experienced more headaches than usual.

I have been seven times for treatment and even from the first time I felt some relief.
Because of the nature of my work I am sure it aggravates the problem but it has got better and that's why I came in the first place. Im progressing, thank you Lacey!



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Llaura's story

Treated for Back, Head pain at our Bedminster clinic

Sarah's interest in sports chiropractic treatment really helped me to achieve full fighting strength and I was amazed to see the immediate differences following my adjustments.”

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Ruth and Phoebe's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr Michael Gallagher

Our family have been patients for two years. We see chiropractic as a way of life, not just when you have an issue with your body.”

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Karim's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr Michael Gallagher

I am now pain-free which has allowed me to get back in the gym, lose weight, and become stronger and fitter than ever!”

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