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willow chiropractic

Craig's Story

Treated for Back pain at Little Stoke clinic

22 years ago I ended up on the floor with agonising back spasms whilst toilet training my son. I tried to pull myself together – after all, I was fit, agile, only 27, nothing could hurt me, right? How little did I know! These spasms continued on a very regular basis for the next 20-odd years, lasting around two weeks every time.

I always said yes, I will go and get something done, but I never did. I just kept plodding on thinking things will improve which they never did. I finally kicked myself into action after having a back spasm just after my wife had come home from having abdominal surgery - the time when she needed me the most and there was I laid on the floor not being able to move, not being able to take care of her.

That was when I finally called Willow Chiropractic and was introduced to Dane. Right from the start Dane was fantastic and to be honest I was very sceptical. However, I have to say six months later whilst typing this that I am a completely mobile, carefree guy. I have been spasm free since the first time I walked in the door at Willow Chiropractic. I now play golf regularly which was always an issue before with a bad back.  No problems at all now. I just do not have the words to thank them.  I would recommend them to anyone.

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Cherry's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic
Dr Rose Ritchings

My chiropractic care has not only helped my physical wellbeing, but also my mental health as I’m no longer having to endure the pain.”

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Trish's Story

Treated for Back, Neck pain at our Nailsea clinic
Dr Matt Freeman

I am just over half way through my course of treatments and already seeing and feeling the benefits. ”

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Matt's Story

Treated for Back, Head pain at our Emersons Green clinic
Dr Rolf Hauert

Since starting treatment my headaches have dramatically improved and my back problems are far less pronounced. ”

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Are you in pain?

Call us on 0800 511 8966 or fill in the form below and one of our Bristol Chiropractors will get in touch.