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Deb's Story

Treated for Back pain at Yate clinic

"I received an invitation to have a chiropractic session as a gift from my husband, who has chiropractic care from Rose himself. I had suffered with a back problem with a slipped disc to my lower back 12 years ago and had a physio a look at me at the time. Having not had any problems for many years I didn’t think I needed treatment, but I went along anyway as it was a present.

During my consultation Rose found that my hips and pelvis were out of alignment and that I was walking and distributing my weight heavily on my left side. This was having an impact on my running and gym work, especially with balance. A lot of things started to make sense at that point!

I have had many visits over the past 10 months from Rose and have noticed a big difference in my walking, running, and overall balance. There was me thinking I was absolutely okay but in truth I wasn’t. Rose has been a great support throughout my care explaining all that she is doing and why. I would certainly recommend!"

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Jade's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Clevedon clinic
Dr Pippa Seaton

I had been in pain with my back for years and since seeing Pippa I am completely transformed.”

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Thaisia's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr James Deady

I never knew that such an old injury could creep up on you many years later. I am very grateful for James' care.”

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Abi’s Story

Treated for Neck pain at our Bedminster clinic
Bristol Chiropractor

With the help of Sarah, my posture has greatly improved, I have more knowledge of how I can help my own pain issues and I feel much more mobility. ”

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