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Drummonds' story

Treated for Back, Head pain at Yate clinic

Angela came to Rose when she was unable to stand up straight, her back was in agony!

In a short time, chiropractic care helped Angela get out of pain and walking again. Angela was keen to get fitter so she didn't have to lose any more time off work or stop driving her sports car - which Rose discovered was aggravating the lower back problem.

Simon, originally a skeptic of how much good Chiropractic can do, became a patient too and together Angela and Simon have started to enjoy spending quality time together without either of them suffering from headaches, tiredness or back pain. Rose is proud of their determination to have the best life outside of their busy jobs and looks forward to helping them get running again! 

Angela & Simon

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Phoebe's story

Treated for Back, Neck pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr Rob Firth

I am thrilled to say that my quality of life has drastically improved, as has my awareness of what my body needs to function properly. ”

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Pete's story

Treated for Knee pain at our Clevedon clinic

I’ve continued to have adjustments which has improved my current health status and has enabled me to have better mobility and less pain without having to take as many pain killers. Without these guys I do not think I would be able to work so I would recommend these people to anyone.”

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Sandra's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Bedminster clinic
Tim Scott

Since coming to Willow I am pain free and feeling like I’ve got a new body! Wishing I had done this years ago.”

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