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At Willow we are passionate about keeping our patients in the best of physical health. We actively encourage healthy lifestyle choices relating to exercise and nutrition that will help enhance their well being. 

We like to inspire patients by sharing our knowledge and hold regular health and fitness talks, chiropractic demonstrations and spinal health screenings. These events are all free to attend so why not come along and be inspired! To find out more call 0800 511 8966.


Regular physical activity is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Whatever your age, maintaining good physical strength, flexibility and endurance will help you fight off illnesses and make you feel great - so that you can live life to the full.

Family health

Did you know that Chiropractic works for the whole family? From new born babies to seniors, every member of the family can benefit from regular treatment. Find out about the benefits of making Chiropractic part of your family's healthy life style.

Diet & hydration

Good diet and hydration play a really important part in helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body. In our talks we’ll share hints and tips on ways to ensure that you and your family get the important vitamins and minerals that you need to stay well.

Natural wellbeing

Stress can make you feel anxious or unhappy which in turn can raise your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension which in turn suppresses your immune system. Wellbeing ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’ reverses that. Find out more at one of our talks…

Rest & relaxation

With the stresses and challenges that life throws at us many people find it hard to switch off, rest and relax. Find out all about the amazing power of rest and relaxation, as well as some clever ways to calm your mind and restore a sense of wellbeing through relaxation.


At Willow Chiropractic we are passionate about helping out patients maintain a healthy spine. To do this, you need good posture; in fact, without good posture you can't really be physically fit. Come along and learn some simple ways of improving your posture.

To find out about our upcoming events call  0800 511 8966

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