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willow chiropractic

Richard's story

Treated for Back, Neck pain at Emersons Green clinic

I visited a free posture check service in my workplace (I love a freebee!) and Willow checked my posture, allowing me to see how wonky I really am.

I never really thought much of my consistent neck and back pain but Lacey discussed how the posture and pain could all be linked. After just my first treatment, I felt amazing! My pain and aches lessened and Lacey even worked on my tight calf muscles.

I cant believe the difference Lacey and Willow have made to my health and I can now continue to run longer and further without any discomfort.


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David's Story

Treated for Back, Head pain at our Nailsea clinic
Liam Rice

My headaches have now reduced by 80%-90% and I'm no longer taking any strong medication. I feel ten times better!”

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Steve's story

Treated for Neck pain at our Yate clinic

I came to Willow. So far everything is starting to click into place (forgive the pun). I'm hoping at the end of this I can hold my head high again and I am really enjoying the healing time. ”

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Ruth and Phoebe's Story

Treated for Back pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr Michael Gallagher

Our family have been patients for two years. We see chiropractic as a way of life, not just when you have an issue with your body.”

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