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6 Neck & Shoulder Stretches To Do At Your Desk


Poor posture at work is one of the most common reasons why you may have suffered with neck, shoulder and back pain. Dr Ryan Stephenson from our Bedminster clinic reached into his past life as a personal trainer and into his present profession as a Doctor of Chiropractic to bring you these six stretches and exercises. You can do most of these from your desk, so bonus! Done regularly, they will help to correct your posture and relieve some of that ache and tension that comes from a deskbound working day.

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What's the difference between Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy?

iStock-805089584-(1).jpgWe spoke to experts in each of these fields and put together a short guide to help you understand some of the different types of natural and manual therapies available. 

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So What Is Deep Tissue Massage Anyway?


Lizzie and Glen, two of our massage therapists, spoke to us about some of the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions around Deep Tissue Massage. Read more here.


Is Your Sleeping Position Ruining Your Back?

kinga-cichewicz-402025-unsplash.jpgOne of the most common sleep positions is actually the worst for your back. We talk you through the best and worst practises for sleep posture.

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