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Anne Mooney
Massage Therapist

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Anne in a nutshell

Anne loves working as a massage therapist and has done so for over 20 years now. It has enabled her to work in any part of the world, so travelling has enabled Anne to learn different approaches towards body work in other countries.

As a sports therapist, Anne has to understand all sport from a physical aspect, so within the leisure industry she has managed Bootcamps, run courses on mountain biking and excursions hiking. 

What Anne likes

Anne truly loves everything that comes with working in the massage industry, from the connections she makes with clients, seeing the immediate results from their treatments and encouraging people to achieve their goals no matter how small they are. Now in her 40s, Anne continues a healthy attitude towards exercise, nutrition and above all a positive attitude in any situation. She loves helping people with any physical or emotional aspect of their wellbeing and wishes to continue to do so for many more years.

Anne's approach

Anne's approach to massage treatment is relaxed and informative. She treats each and every person as an individual so no two massages are the same; therefore only going as deep as the recipient allows it. You are in control all the time so she can achieve the objective required in that time. During the massage various stretches and mobilisation are incorporated to leave you feeling relaxed from tension yet energised. It will also feel like you are getting a lesson in anatomy and physiology as Anne will talk about the areas of concern and help you visualise the muscles so you can understand what you're doing physically. 

Where you can find Anne

Nailsea clinic

Telephone: 01275 380 048
Email: anne.mooney@willowlife.co.uk

Crown Glass Shopping Centre, First Floor, 21A Somerset Square, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1RQ

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Nailsea Clinic, Somerset

Anne Mooney
Massage Therapist

Anne loves working as a massage therapist and has done so for over 20 years now. It has enabled her to work in any part of the world.

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Emersons Green Clinic, Bristol

Pip Instone
Massage Therapist

Pip has always been fascinated by the way the body works. She continues to study to keep her skills up to date and is always looking to explore.

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Bedminster Clinic, Bristol

Richard Szarka
Massage Therapist

Richard started to work at Willow as a massage therapist. Richard is continuously working on his techniques and on his style to reach the required level and dimension tailored to his clients.

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