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Posted on 08 August 2016 by James Barber
Tags: Posture, Screening

Free Posture Screening at Nailsea Community Market

Willow’s Nailsea chiropractic team recently carried out a half day ‘pop up’ Posture Screening at the Nailsea Community Market. The event, which was to raise awareness of the importance of good spinal health, also provided an opportunity to catch up with existing patients visiting the market.

James, Erika and Liam offered people free screenings and provided advice and information about posture and the spine. They screened around 30 people of very different age groups, including a 5 year’ old boy and several elderly members of the community.

James said, “These events are usually popular and this one was no exception. People were curious to find out what the screening was all about as well as being interested in our model of the spine and how it works. 

“The aim was to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining good spinal health and the role that this plays in achieving the best possible quality of life. We use special software that shows what good posture should look like and most people are surprised that their posture is actually quite poor by comparison, and very few realise that this could be connected to some of the problems they are experiencing.

“We can certainly influence most of the problems that we encounter, but the screening is more of an educational exercise. That said, we do also offer people the opportunity to attend a more in depth consultation and analysis if they are interested”. 

Willow Chiropractic carries out free Posture Screenings at a number of different events and locations in Nailsea and North Somerset throughout the year, including in schools and local businesses. Their next community screening will be at the Nailsea Christmas Market in December. For more information call James on 01275 380 048 or email  james.barber@willowlife.co.uk

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