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Posted on 23 August 2016 by Mitch Quoi
Tags: Rugby, Sport

Rugby season approaches

Chew Valley Rugby Club move ever closer to the start of the next season and the first pre-season games have now begun! Although the players are looking strong and fit, already there have been a few injuries creeping up on the club.

I’ve been getting calls from players on both the woman's and men's sides, about aches and pains that they are experiencing, and have been fitting them into an already busy diary in order to help them in the recovery process. To a certain extent this is to be expected - people can get injured when they start training after a period of rest and old injuries can reoccur. To prevent things from escalating ‘listen’ to your body and if you do have any aches or pains get treatment before things get worse.

I just hope I can get these players to understand that prevention is better than cure and keep the clubs selection headaches positive ones! Fingers crossed for no more injuries this week!

'C'mon the Chew'


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