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Posted on 25 January 2017 by Dane Jacks
Tags: Posture, Posture checks

Anytime Fitness posture checks

Willow Chiropractic recently visited Anytime Fitness at the Willow Brook Centre on Monday, helping gym enthusiasts start their year the right way with free posture checks!

We regularly attend Anytime Fitness, making sure the members receive a free posture check in order to improve their performance at the gym. We find a lot of our patient's who are keen gym enthusiasts, feel niggles and aches during their workouts.

Receiving Chiropractic care helps:

  • Align the spine; aiding in pain recovery
  • Improve gym performance
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthen the body

So many gym enthusiasts work their bodies so hard to the point they feel long-lasting aches and issues throughout their workouts. One common complaint is a shoulder issue. Bad form or too high a weight can cause your shoulders to overwork resulting in injury, in some cases; tearing the muscle. 

If you workout, keep your joints and your spine working too!

What else is important for gym enthusiasts?

Posture, it's such an important aspect of any exercise routine because the way we move is based around the foundation of our posture. Variations in posture such as unlevel shoulders, unlevel pelvis and forward head carriage will all affect the way our joints and muscles move and may cause severe imbalance - Particularly if we're trying to exercise around this imbalance rather than trying to correct it. Exercising around this may lead to worsening the issue if the correct exercises aren't performed in the right way.

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