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Posted on 25 January 2017 by Mitch Quoi
Tags: Bedminster, Rugby, Sport

Rugby and Chiropractic

This month we've seen all sorts of runners, UK athletes and professional sportspeople who have been determined to run off those January blues.

In Bedminster, even as a Chiropractor; I have been getting my regular adjustments which has helped me recover from post rugby soreness and minor knocks. Adjustments help my body to heal which then in-turn help me heal others.

Recently I have been chuckling with some of my patients who I used to play rugby with. From the side-line, we discussed if they knew what Chiropractic was and that it’s not all about pain. We also discussed how much they could have benefitted when they were younger and how much they can even benefit now.

I love helping people reach their potential in their chosen sport and hobbies and Willow is the place to do that!


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