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Posted on 16 September 2016 by Lacey Prosser
Tags: Charity

A chiropractor drinking less - it must be a Dryathalon!

Chiropractors are usually all about drinking more and keeping well hydrated - but I have actually vowed to drink less - less alcohol that is!

That's because I am taking part in this years' September Dryathlon to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society - it basically means giving up alcohol for a whole month to become a 'Dryathlete'. 

The Dryathlon is normally in aid of cancer research but I have chosen to raise money for the Alzheimers Society instead. It is a charity that is much closer to my heart since I have personal experience of this disease and the horrible effects that it can have on a family. I completed the 7km Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk in Bath this month. It was amazing and touching to see so many people (1200 to be exact) come together in support of the same cause.

The funds that I raise will go towards helping support the Alzeimers Society and the work that it is doing to help people suffering from alzheimers and dementia, as well as the support that they offer to their families and friends.

On a more upbeat note, I am finding that there are many benefits to not drinking for a month in addition to the obvious one of helping my chosen charity as follows:

  • you have more energy to get things done and do things you want to do!
  • you sleep better!
  • your monthly calorie intake will be lower, providing your diets stay the same!
  • and you have a much, much happier bank balance!
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