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Posted on 22 September 2016 by Sam Donaldson
Tags: New Appointment

New chiropractor Rose Ritchings joins the Willow Chiropractic Yate clinic

We have a new chiropractor at our Yate clinic; Rose Ritchings has just moved from Swindon to join our team. This is what Rose says about her new role:

" I am so excited to have joined Willow Chiropractic in Yate, I feel I have found a home where I can make a difference!

“After shadowing the Yate team I realised what a genuine passion and love there was for helping the patients at the clinic. I could also see just how much the patients appreciated their newly found healthier lives thanks to the team.

“I was intrigued as to why I was getting such a positive energy from the clinic and realised it was simply because everyone was working the 'Willow Way' to ensure they deliver excellence and to get the people of Yate healthier and happier.

“The more I learnt about the future goals of Willow, a name and brand which I can be proud of, the itchier feet I got! I am so happy to be here, where I can develop my skills and receive the support I need to be the best Chiropractor I can be for my patients.

“After some consideration I quickly found myself bidding a sad farewell to my patients in Swindon to move to the green pastures of Willow to serve the people and families of Yate - and I am SO excited to be here! My goal is to get Chiropractic out into the community of Yate so please come and say hello if you see me out and about promoting our message."

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