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Father helping his son ride a bicycle

Oct 23 2016


Back pain – a huge problem

The research is in, the stats are ominous, it’s certainly no surprise to hear that back pain is a huge problem for a staggering percentage ...
woman running a marathon

Sep 27 2016


Run – for your life!

You may have seen the great crowds of people in Bristol city centre on the last weekend in September; braving the rain in brightly coloured ...
Grandad pushing grandson on swing

Sep 21 2016


Defy expectations and live life to the full for longer!

It has recently come to our attention that the majority of people’s perception of age and what is ‘normal’ is shockingly poor. Achy joints, poor ...
always im-possible wooden blocks

Sep 16 2016


Are you passionate about what you do?

There are many ways that you can be the best you can be, but first you need to be doing something that you are completely ...
football Players playing a game

Sep 15 2016


Be the best you can be – whatever your age

Ask yourself one question: “What is preventing me from being physically and mentally the best I can be?” Then, if you want some examples of ...
Dad playing with his son

Sep 12 2016


Helping your body to withstand stress and prevent injury

Injuries, aches and pains - we all suffer from them. But have you ever wondered what causes them in the first place and whether there ...
people running

Sep 1 2016


Willow Chiropractic – helping runners perform their best in The Great Bristol Half Marathon

September is upon us heralding for many the end of the summer holidays and a return to more familiar routines such as school, work and ...
Man Golfing

Aug 26 2016


Last minute adjustment for silver medalist, Henrik Stenson

So the Olympics is over for another 4 years and we have come home with a record number of medals making it our most successful ...
Olympians posing in a stadium

Aug 22 2016


Achieve YOUR olympic dreams

The curtain has finally come down on Rio 2016 and what a fantastic games it has been. I’m sure many of you have had a ...
ocean washing away the old

Aug 15 2016


Small changes in your life can have a massive benefit

Did you know that a small change in your life can have a massive benefit for you in many different ways, both short and long ...
Cheerful little boy running on the grass with his family

Aug 8 2016


Address the major stressors that affect your health

When a patient starts their chiropractic journey with us, our main focus is to get them out of pain and moving properly again as quickly ...
woman walking with shopping bags

Aug 3 2016


High Heels – Are they worth it?

A very high percentage of people, mainly women, will wear high heels at some point in their lives with many wearing them daily. They may ...
senior gardening

Aug 2 2016


Your garden – the perfect outdoor gym

Exercise is an essential part of life, but not always the most appealing. And who wants to slog away in the gym when the sun ...
2 children playing with chalk

Aug 2 2016


Do the hippy hippy squat

As chiropractors we see a huge number of people with low back and pelvic pain and this is very commonly associated with poor hip health ...
Golf posture example

Aug 2 2016


Improve your swing with chiropractic care!

Although professional golfers have made huge improvements in distance, ball control and scoring averages over the past 30 years and equipment technology has improved as ...
women with knee problems

Aug 2 2016


Exercise – a better cure for knee pain than surgery

History repeats itself as researchers yet again show how 10,000s of knee operations performed every year in the UK would produce no better results than ...