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woman struggling to carry her suitcase

Jul 5 2016


Don’t let holiday preparations put extra strain on your spine…

Cooking, cleaning, reaching, wrapping, hanging, hugging, lifting... holiday preparations prove still to be mainly a women’s work. Even when men attempt to help out, studies ...
guy leaning forward on his phone

Jul 4 2016


What is a prolapsed disc?

Low back pain is extremely common in the adult population of the UK but only a small percentage of these sufferers have back pain due ...
Doctor holding medication

Jul 3 2016


The battle for pain relief: Chiropractic versus Medication

For most people being in pain and the process of trying to recover usually starts with a visit to the Doctor at your local GP ...
Guy cycling to exercise

Jul 3 2016


Reasons to make exercise part of your healthy lifestyle!

The number on the weighing scales isn’t the only reason to exercise. If your only goal is to lose weight, you might not stick with ...
pregnant women enjoying nature

Jun 30 2016


Caring for your spine and pelvis during pregnancy

Pregnancy should be an amazing time for both mum and dad. Sometimes however, as a result of changes that occur, women experience pelvic and spinal ...
woman running up a hill

Jun 20 2016


Chiropractic in sport

Golf, Football, Rugby, Cricket, American football, Formula 1, Cycling & Olympic athletes all have something in common. Yep you’ve guessed it, they have a Chiropractor. ...
Banana and vanilla smoothie

Jun 15 2016


Banana & Vanilla Smoothie – a perfect post training boost

Love milkshakes but hate the calorie content? Like the taste but not what they do to your hips? Then try this super quick and healthy ...
senior couple sitting on a wooden bridge

Jun 14 2016


Chiropractic, the truth of the matter

When I first came into contact with chiropractic care I thought it was all about joint, muscle and nerve problems. To be quite honest no-one ...
window fitter with his thumb up

Jun 13 2016


Getting back on track.

A patient came to see me a couple of years ago. He had a  history of chronic back pain as well as pain throughout most ...
couple gardening

May 10 2016


How important is posture?

Did you know new research shows that people with an increased thoracic kyphosis (the curve at the top of your back) had a 44% greater ...