Are you getting headaches in the sun?

Child with head pains

It’s official – spring has sprung!  We’re a few weeks in to spring time and I’m sure a lot of us are glad to see it, the sun has shown its face, the flowers are beginning to bloom and we can put our winter coats back to the depths of the wardrobe. With all this…

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Live well with Chiropractic

woman about to rock climb

I want to live life to the full! A sentence which we hear all the time, even if we don’t openly shout it from the rooftops, deep down it is something that we all naturally aspire too. No doubt we all have slightly different opinions on what it means to us; some people may think…

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Back pain – a huge problem

Father helping his son ride a bicycle

The research is in, the stats are ominous, it’s certainly no surprise to hear that back pain is a huge problem for a staggering percentage of the population. We all know someone who suffers with back pain, we probably know many, as you’re reading this you may even be thinking “ I have it too!”  So…

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Achieve YOUR olympic dreams

Olympians posing in a stadium

The curtain has finally come down on Rio 2016 and what a fantastic games it has been. I’m sure many of you have had a chance to see some of the amazing array of athletic talent on show. As I’ve watched over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something – chiropractic patients are very similar…

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