5 Ways To Support Your Back When Driving

family road trip

You’ve packed your bags, you’ve loaded the car, you’re off on holiday! More and more people are choosing “staycations” over jaunts abroad, taking in the beautiful sights of Cornwall, the Peak and Lake Districts, Scottish Highlands and Snowdonia. However, with these staycations comes the long drive to get there, and too many people are taking…

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New year’s resolutions starting to falter?

Tennis player lying on the floor

It’s usually about this time in January when all that motivation you had for the New Year’s resolutions begin to fade. Whether it be sticking to a balanced diet and keeping to that exercise regime or generally improving your overall health and wellness. Here at Nailsea we want to help you stick to those resolutions.…

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Could driving be causing you back or neck pain?

Chiropractor driving his car

Travelling to work, shopping, ferrying the children around, getting to meetings, visiting friends and relatives; for many people driving is a routine activity, an essential part of daily life. And it’s a very comfortable and convenient way of travelling, especially in the winter, when the cold, wet weather sets in. But all this time spent…

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Chiropractic in sport

woman running up a hill

Golf, Football, Rugby, Cricket, American football, Formula 1, Cycling & Olympic athletes all have something in common. Yep you’ve guessed it, they have a Chiropractor. A sports Chiropractor has now become of the latest ‘must haves’ for all sports teams and are becoming an essential component to any sports medical team. The reason why, is that…

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