Pregnancy & back pain – what’s the link?

pregnant women

Starting a family is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated, so congratulations if you’re pregnant and reading this. Lots of changes are happening, some with good side effects like your skin glowing and hair being stronger and some with not so good side effects like tiredness, morning sickness and low back pain. Being a…

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To stand tall or not to stand tall?

Child balancing books on his head with a pink apple

In my experience, so many people take their posture for granted, not realising how much it can impact there lives. I grew up walking around my grandmothers living room with a book or bottle balanced on my head. ‘Keep your shoulders back, look forward, stand tall’ she used to say. I found this highly entertaining…

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Pain killers – do they really work?

Man with head pains

There are two very well-known pain medications that find their way into our homes; paracetamol and ibuprofen. These work in different ways to help manage pain, paracetamol by interfering with the pain pathway, and ibuprofen by acting as an anti-inflammatory. It’s very easy to open your handbag or bathroom cabinet and reach for one of…

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High Heels – Are they worth it?

woman walking with shopping bags

A very high percentage of people, mainly women, will wear high heels at some point in their lives with many wearing them daily. They may look pretty and help bring your outfit together but what is actually happening to your body when wearing a pair? The obvious changes are that your weight is pushed forward…

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Caring for your spine and pelvis during pregnancy

pregnant women enjoying nature

Pregnancy should be an amazing time for both mum and dad. Sometimes however, as a result of changes that occur, women experience pelvic and spinal pain in pregnancy. This is more likely to occur if there has been a history of dysfunction or pain in a previous pregnancy.  The cause Musculo skeletal disorders can be…

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