Healthier you : Strive towards better health this year

Dad exercising with daughter on his back

At the start of the year many people take the opportunity to evaluate their goals, and what they want in the year ahead. I’m normally not a big believer in sporadic resolutions, but firmly believe that becoming healthier is something we should always be striving for. Health it not an all or nothing commitment. Often…

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Run – for your life!

woman running a marathon

You may have seen the great crowds of people in Bristol city centre on the last weekend in September; braving the rain in brightly coloured shorts and fancy dress. What were these crazy people doing? And why would anyone want to run 13 miles? Every year more than 10,000 people participate in The Great Bristol Half…

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Address the major stressors that affect your health

Cheerful little boy running on the grass with his family

When a patient starts their chiropractic journey with us, our main focus is to get them out of pain and moving properly again as quickly as possible. The question that often arises once they are out of pain is how to stop the problem coming back.  Many people will have heard the expression “Insanity is…

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How important is posture?

couple gardening

Did you know new research shows that people with an increased thoracic kyphosis (the curve at the top of your back) had a 44% greater rate of mortality than those with a normally functioning spine? In addition to being cosmetically undersirable, this change in posture is associated with restrictive pulmonory disease (reduced lung function), poor…

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