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We understand that life's demands may have led you away from regular chiropractic care. That's why we've crafted the 12 Treatment Care Package, tailored to help you seamlessly reintegrate vitalistic chiropractic care into your life.

✅  Free Spinal Check-up (normally £35) - Let's reassess your spinal health and make sure you're on track towards wellness.
✅  12 x Chiropractic Adjustments (normally £564*) - Rediscover the benefits of regular adjustments with this specially priced package.
✅ Opportunity to Re-connect: If you're seeking a new chiropractor or wish to rekindle your chiropractic journey, this is your chance. Meet our team, understand our approach, and feel confident in choosing us as your partner in health.


Black Friday 12 Treatments Package

Peter's Story

"I first consulted Willow in September 2019 to see if anything could be done about my arthritic right knee and the subsequent pain. The first thing that Ana did was to get me to stand on TWO sets of scales.

Ana was able to tell me that I was walking in a lopsided manner as one side of me weighed 12 kilos more than the other. What followed was a programme of treatments which started at two per week and have now stretched to one per month. Having been recently widowed I needed to find a hobby, so I took up walking - nothing overly strenuous - just walking along pavements hopefully somewhere pleasant.

Overtime I found that the pain from my knee got less intense and my walking speed got faster. I haven’t had any pain from my knee for over a year and I can now amble along at 3 miles per hour. It’s fair to say that this is partly due to losing nearly 5 stone in weight.

I like a challenge so when the latest walking challenge came up I set myself a target of 20000 steps per day. I exceeded that by 11 percent and never at any time did I feel that I’d taken on too much. I will always be grateful to Ana and the other chiropractors that I’ve occasionally seen for helping me get so active at my age."

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