Cold weather and joint pain: Why does this happen?

18 March 2022

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The atmospheric pressure in colder months changes. This pressure is essentially the weight of the air that is around us. Atmospheric pressure can change because of a range of different factors, like the weather or altitude. When the weather gets colder, the pressure around us drops. This drop means that there is less force placed on our bodies. 

It is thought that this drop in pressure allows the tissues in the body to swell more. Colder weather can also thicken the fluid in the joints around your body, which can aggravate pain and stiffness.

But, could it be something else?

There are a few other theories as to why cold weather affects your joint pain. It could be that we are more likely to stay inside when it’s cold. This means we are moving around less. Or, it could be that when we are outside in the cold, our bodies tend to tense up trying to stay warm.

It could also be because of the lack of daylight in the winter months. For many people, this results in a lower mood. This can have a knock on effect on pain. Your mind and body are more connected than you might initially think. 

When the weather is colder, this puts extra stress on your body. It’s trying to keep you warm, which it doesn’t have to work as hard to do in the summer months. 

There isn’t one single reason to explain why the cold weather can affect your joint pain. It could be a combination of different things. Regular chiropractic care is a great way to help your joints stay mobile, particularly in the winter months.

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