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Carol's Story

Treated for Back pain at Bedminster clinic

I spent twenty years suffering with back problems; I had endless doctors visits and numerous painkillers and exercises prescribed to no avail. We had booked a special holiday but since I couldn’t move, stand up straight or sit down for too long without pain, I was on the verge of cancelling. My niece recommended me to Willow and I am so glad that I took her recommendation.

Dr Tim Scott gave me the confidence to know that my pain could and would improve. Every visit left me feeling stronger and in less and less pain. I gradually started being able to walk further and further, and eventually even began swimming again. I was able to enjoy my special holiday without pain thanks to Dr Scott. For the first time in years I feel happy and healthy and as though I can tackle anything. Chiropractic care truly has given me a new lease of life.

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Chiropractic in the real world

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Aggie's Story

Treated for Back, Knee pain at our Clifton clinic
Dr James Deady

Treatment paired with trust in your body and positive outlook to the world around you is life changing.”

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William's Story

Treated for Sciatica pain at our Bedminster clinic
Sadique Muman

After about 6-8 weeks of treatment twice a week my sciatica was decidedly better and I was walking upright again!”

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Adam's story

Treated for Back pain at our Yate clinic
by Bristol Chiropractor - Ian Orr

Since the treatment started my posture, swing and game has been the best it's ever been. People I play with have all noticed a difference in the way I stand and how I now strike the ball. In fact my handicap has now dropped to three, the lowest it has ever been. ”

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