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Kevin's story

Treated for Knee pain at Yate clinic

When I first started to visit Willow Chiropractic, I had problems with my knees for some time, which is mostly due to my profession being a plummer. 

A few months ago a leaflet came through my door and I thought it would be a good idea to visit Willow Chiropractic to see if there was anything they could do to help me. I was a bit skeptical at first but gave it a go.

After my initial consultation with Rose, she suggested it would take around 6 visits for me to see the difference. I visited on a weekly basis at first and gradually my knees did start to feel better. I was also seeing Tim for a sport's massage on my legs once a week.

Both Rose and Tim have done such a great job with my knees and I now feel much better. So much so that I only now visit the clinic on a monthly basis and I am finding work much easier.


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Orla's Story

Treated for Back, Shoulder pain at our Emersons Green clinic
Dr Gus Nixon

When I first came I had no energy and was doing the bare minimum. Now I'm training for two marathons. I regret not coming sooner!”

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David's Story

Treated for Back, Head pain at our Nailsea clinic
Dr Liam Rice

My headaches have now reduced by 80%-90% and I'm no longer taking any strong medication. I feel ten times better!”

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Francesca's story

Treated for Back, Neck pain at our Nailsea clinic
Dr James Barber

After twice weekly visits, being made more aware of my posture and making slight adjustments at work, in just 6 weeks my neck pain and the migraines have resolved and I am on the path to recovery.”

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