Make sure you are sporting summer the right way this year with these must-do tips

2 Children eating Watermelon

Bright skies, sunny weather and an all-round happier attitude. What’s not to love about summer? Other than the fact Britain has a fierce unpredictable rain cloud waiting to pounce! But summer can be dangerous, and I assume you clicked on this blog to find out the vital must-do tips to ensure your summer is fun,…

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7 Super fun and cheap activities you can be doing this summer – with a healthy spine!

Couple outside Camping with tent

Guess what? It’s almost summer! Remember that romantic view of summer you had as a kid? You’d anxiously wait for that blissful time of year dedicated to nothing but going out, rolling in the grass, and happily ignoring all summer assignments from your teachers. You would always make activities out of nothing, finding a way…

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How can YOU manage headaches?

Child with head pains

Headaches are one of the most common health complaints you will hear from people you know and we’ve all had one at some point! They can affect our daily life, making it hard to concentrate. However did you know that there any many different types and causes of headaches? Rarely, they can be serious, however…

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To stand tall or not to stand tall?

Child balancing books on his head with a pink apple

In my experience, so many people take their posture for granted, not realising how much it can impact there lives. I grew up walking around my grandmothers living room with a book or bottle balanced on my head. ‘Keep your shoulders back, look forward, stand tall’ she used to say. I found this highly entertaining…

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How is your posture?

guy at work with bad posture

We have all heard about the importance of having good posture. So many of us have heard time and time again that sitting tall, holding your head high and keeping good posture is very important. However, besides looking poised, healthy and professional, why is having ‘good posture’ so important? When you maintain your good posture,…

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Get fit without getting injured

Guy tying his shoelace

The gym; an intimidating testosterone-filled place full of bodybuilders and fitness freaks in lycra. For some, this can already be the ‘nope’ point. I mean, who wants to rock up to a building full of sweaty gym rats?! Once you have gotten over this hurdle, and accepted that your health and fitness comes first, then…

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Have you got Text-Neck?

guy on his phone in train station

Headaches? Dull aches? Could it be text neck? Imagine the scene. You’re opening an email on your phone, it’s not loading and the circle keeps spinning. Whilst attempting to refresh the page for the fifth time you feel a little ache in your neck and shoulders. This is a surprisingly common problem that can seriously…

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Live well with Chiropractic

woman about to rock climb

I want to live life to the full! A sentence which we hear all the time, even if we don’t openly shout it from the rooftops, deep down it is something that we all naturally aspire too. No doubt we all have slightly different opinions on what it means to us; some people may think…

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Can Chiropractic help pain at such a late age?

Chiropractor helping out a patient

The most frustrating and confusing feeling is pain which stops you from ‘doing’ your life. Disgruntled patients regularly book in with Chiropractors when their pain has reached the limit or another attempt to get healthy has ended in misery. The common thread we see is that there is some health warning or life event (like…

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Could driving be causing you back or neck pain?

Chiropractor driving his car

Travelling to work, shopping, ferrying the children around, getting to meetings, visiting friends and relatives; for many people driving is a routine activity, an essential part of daily life. And it’s a very comfortable and convenient way of travelling, especially in the winter, when the cold, wet weather sets in. But all this time spent…

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