The Perils of Inactivity

the perils of inactivity


Our newsletter is a really great tool that you can use to get patients engaged with chiropractic and Willow. Make sure to read the newsletter a few times so that you are able to answer questions any patients might have and start conversations with them.


For example, if a patient says “Oh, I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while, is it any good?”, you can either respond with “Yes, I found such and such a thing interesting”, or “I haven’t had the chance yet because it’s been so popular with our patients, but I’ve heard great things about it from them.”


  1. Feature article – The Perils of Inactivity
    1. Need to be more proactive about our lack of activity
    2. We need to actively hold our spines but sitting down means there is a passive hang. This can cause a forward head posture which isn’t’ good.
    3. You could argue that sitting is worse than a lack of exercise.
    4. Light activity to break up the time you are sitting is really beneficial eg shrugging shoulders, squatting, twisting your spine
    5. Small changes over time will add up
  2. A new habit – Walking
    1. Go for a 20–30-minute brisk walk every day
    2. Benefits of walking
  3. Lending library (look at other handouts for more information on this)
    1. April – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
    2. May – 52 ways to walk
  4. An introduction – Bruce’s testimonial
  5. Music matters – Link to Willow’s Spotify playlists
  6. Walk of the Month – Blaise Castle
  7. Your body is clever
  8. 33 Principles of Chiropractic
    1. The Union of Intelligence and Matter
    2. The Truine of Life
  9. What’s on? – Movement in May (Willow Walking Challenge)
  10. Can chiropractic help with? – Sciatica

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