Why we sleep

why we sleep


  1. Feature article – Why we sleep
    1. Your body is clever and knows what it’s doing, so if the body wants to sleep trust that basic need.
    2. Missing out on good sleep habits sets yourself up for problems, like a weaker immune system.
    3. Need to break negative habits to reclaim sleep rhythm eg no screens an hour before sleep, no alcoholic night caps
    4. You can’t catch up on sleep because we can’t build up reserves on sleep unlike camels and their water storage.
  2. A new habit – study your sleeping patterns
    1. Sleep enriches a diversity of functions like our ability to learn, memorise and make logical decisions.
    2. It makes all your other efforts to be healthy way more effective.
  3. New additions to lending library – Why we sleep (read handout on this for info)
  4. An introduction – Alex and Joshua
  5. Music Matters – Weightless by Marconi Union
    1. Won the world’s most relaxing song for the past four years.
  6. Walk of the month – Manor Woods Valley, Bedminster
  7. Of timeless appeal
    1. The Major Premise
    2. The Chiropractic Meaning of Life
  8. Can chiropractic help with? – Sleep
  9. On your behalf – donated £500 for The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal

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