Your Body is Clever

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Our newsletter is a really great tool that you can use to get patients engaged with chiropractic and Willow. Make sure to read the newsletter a few times so that you are able to answer questions any patients might have and start conversations with them.


For example, if a patient says “Oh, I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while, is it any good?”, you can either respond with “Yes, I found such and such a thing interesting”, or “I haven’t had the chance yet because it’s been so popular with our patients, but I’ve heard great things about it from them.”


  1. Feature article – your body is clever.
    • Body affects your mind equally as much as your mind affects your body.
    • Need to appreciate its cleverness so we know what we can do to help our bodies work at their optimal performance
    • How chiropractic adjustments help your body’s innate intelligence and facilitates processes like healing.
    • We live in an eco-system intelligent beyond anything we could ever think of and has a perfect rhythm.
    • Our bodies are clever, resilient and rhythmic too – we adapt to our environments.
    • Your body knows what it is doing so we should be confident that it knows how to fix the problem, but we should also listen to it to lend a helping hand.
  2. New habit – ways to enhance the natural cleverness of your body eg keep it moving, hydrated, well rested, spend time in nature
  3. An introduction – Dr Lacey and her little one
  4. Walk of the Month – Leigh Woods

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