This comprehensive 12-point consultation is a thorough approach to chiropractic care, ensuring a personalised and effective treatment plan.

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Understanding your medical history and any past traumas is crucial in identifying underlying causes of your current condition.
A detailed evaluation of your symptoms helps in diagnosing the issue and tailoring the treatment accordingly.
Discussing what you hope to achieve through chiropractic care ensures that the treatment aligns with your personal health goals.
This includes a meticulous spinal check, assessing each spinal joint in order to identify any abnormalities or areas of concern.
Analysing how your body weight is distributed can reveal imbalances that may contribute to pain or discomfort.
Evaluating muscle strength helps in identifying areas of weakness or imbalance that could be affecting your spine and posture.
Assessing the range of motion of your spine provides insights into your spinal health and flexibility.
Examining your posture from lateral and frontal views helps in identifying postural deviations that could be contributing to your condition. We use postural analysis software to pinpoint areas of focus in your spine. Your chiropractor will explain this to you in detail at your report of findings.
A follow-up appointment where the chiropractor discusses the findings from your initial assessment and suggests a treatment plan.
Developing a tailored plan that addresses your specific needs and health objectives.
An educational session about chiropractic care and how it can benefit your health and well-being.
If necessary, you’ll be given specific exercises to aid in your treatment and recovery.

This consultation format is designed to cover all aspects of your health, ensuring that the chiropractic care you receive is comprehensive and specifically suited to your needs.

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What our Clients Say

- Amanda - 

"After experiencing excruciating back pain, I attended my first chiropractor session in March 2023. Chiropractic has completely changed the way I feel about how I will live my life. As well as the adjustments reducing my experience of pain, I have noticed improved posture, joint flexibility, digestive and urinary function, improved sleep, alertness, vision, memory, and mood. Chiropractic will be part of my ongoing self-care moving forward in my life, I should have gone to a chiropractor many years ago. Thank you."

- Temi -


"I was experiencing migraines every single day and painkillers were not working. From the day I came to Willow, it was life-changing. It’s a major relief for me not having to take painkillers anymore. My energy levels are on top, and I now wake up feeling relaxed. It has been life-changing for not only my body but my mind. Start care! I would recommend it to everyone, you don’t have to be in care to see the benefits. I’m even considering chiropractic as a career path because of my experience with Willow. Thank you!"