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Pain puts your life on hold, restricting your mobility, and affecting your wellbeing. When you’re in pain, what you want most is relief.

Our experienced Chiropractors will work closely with you to identify the problem that is causing you pain and recommend a plan of care that will relieve it.

We are passionate about helping you to maintain a healthy body, enhancing your physical wellbeing for the long term and supporting your body’s natural healing capabilities. We can help you on your wellness journey, so you can live your life to the full.

Back Pain   ●  Sciatica  ●   Headaches & Migraines   ●   Neck Pain  ●   Knee Pain

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What we can help with

Our local chiropractic clinics offer a wide range of treatments to Bristol residents suffering from pain. We treat the following conditions:

Back Pain - lady in grey shorts and blue t-shirt holding lower back

Back Pain

Do you have back pain that keeps you up at night? Leg or buttock pain that won't go away? Muscle spasms that leave you feeling frustrated? Sciatica, tension, soreness? We are experts in getting rid of back pain and have helped countless people get their lives back. Using the latest diagnostic methods, we will find the root cause of your problem and offer you a plan to get rid of the pain and stop it coming back.

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Headaches and Migraines - lady sat holding neck and head

Neck Pain

Whether you spend long hours working at a desk or sitting behind the wheel of a car, have a stressful job or suffered an injury; it is common to carry a lot of tension in the neck. This can lead to soreness, pain, headaches and poor range of motion. If you're struggling with neck problems, we can help. We will find the root cause of your problem and offer you a plan to get rid of the pain and stop it coming back.

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Headaches - man holding head in shirt and tie

Headaches & migraines

Headaches are so common that most people accept them as a normal part of their daily lives and pop a painkiller rather than trying to address the cause. However, just because they are common does not mean they are normal. If you're struggling, Willow can help. We will find the root cause of your problem and offer you a plan of action to get rid of the pain and stop it coming back.

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Muscle tension in the knee

Knee or hip pain

Knee and hip pain hinders mobility and causes a great deal of frustration. Many people who suffer from these types of pain take painkillers to mask the problem – often for years. By masking the problem we can make it worse, not just due to the side effects of the medication but also because walking on an injury that has been numbed can lead to more damage. We can help you.

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Frozen shoulder - man in blue t-shirt holding shoulder

Frozen shoulder

If you have shoulder pain, you may be suffering from frozen shoulder. This condition can be excruciating and impact mobility. The persistent pain can worsen when lying down, which might prevent you from sleeping at night. If you're struggling to find a solution, Willow can help. We can gain insight into the root cause of your problem and provide a plan to start your journey towards a pain-free life.

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Tennis Elbow - man in blue shirt holding elbow

Tennis elbow

Do you feel pain on the outside of your upper forearm or below the bend of your elbow joint? Does this pain increase when gripping small objects or lifting or bending your elbow? It could be that you are suffering from tennis elbow. If you're struggling to find a solution, Willow can help. We can gain insight into the root cause of your problem and provide a plan of action to start your journey towards a pain-free life.

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Lady in pink top holding lower back in pain


Do you suffer from pain in the side of your buttock? Does the pain radiate down into your leg? If so, you may be suffering from sciatica. Sciatica can come and go, or it can be constant and incapacitating.  If you're struggling to find a solution, Willow can help. Using the latest diagnostic methods, we can gain insight into the root cause of your problem and provide a plan of action to start your journey towards a pain-free life.  

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Back Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic

Back Pain

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Neck Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic

Neck Pain

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Head Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic


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Knee Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic

Knee or hip pain

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Shoulder Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic

Frozen shoulder

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Elbow Pain pain relief at Willow Chiropractic

Tennis elbow

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sciatica Pain relief at Willow Chiropractic


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Your journey

1. Consultation

Your consultation is a thorough assessment of your health & your symptoms. The Chiropractic Doctor will fully assess your needs, identify the best approach to tackle your complaints, and get you back to feeling great.

2. Report of findings

Your chiropractor will talk you through what they found in the consultation; explaining the cause of your pain. Along with the diagnosis they will talk you through the options available to you to solve the problem and get you back to the best health.

3. New Patient Class

Every patient attends a short class at the beginning of their care.  This helps you to better understand how you ended up in pain and how to avoid problems in the future.

4. Pain Relief

The first goal of your care is to get you feeling and moving better as quickly as possible. This normally involves a period of regular visits but your chiropractor will talk to you about the type and frequency of care which is best suited to your personal circumstances.

5. Re-Exam

We will check in with you at regular intervals to review your progress and make sure that your care is achieving the results expected. As your pain reduces and you start to trust your body more, this is a good opportunity for you to set yourself some new health and life goals.

6. Stabilisation

Once you are feeling better and the pain has reduced significantly we will move on to focus on the root cause of the problem - to make sure the issues don’t return. Avoiding relapse is our primary goal in this phase of your care.

7. Wellness

You can opt to continue with regular checks to keep you in good shape, ensuring you are taking care of your long term spinal health. Our ultimate goal for you is to live a healthy and pain free life in the long term. Your chiropractor will talk you through your options at your regular re-exams.

What you can achieve during your chiropractic journey


Drastically reduce your aches and pains

Get your full range of motion back

Feeling and moving better as quickly as possible

Improve your spinal health and overall wellness

Feel confident with your body

Got questions?
We’ve got you covered

This comprehensive 12-point consultation is a thorough approach to chiropractic care, ensuring a personalised and effective treatment plan.

Here's a breakdown of what each point entails:

✅ History of Illness/Trauma

✅ Assessment of Symptoms

✅ Goals and Expectations

✅ Physical Examination

✅ Body Weight Distribution Check

✅ Muscle Strength Test

✅ Spine Range of Motion

✅ Posture Check

✅ Report of Findings - 2nd Appointment

✅ Personalised Plan of Care

✅ Health Talk: Chiropractic and Benefits

✅ Personalised Exercises if Required


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Chiropractic adjustments are not painful. They are gentle movements that realign your spine to restore balance and movement so the body can heal. They normally feel like a release of pressure. Don't worry if you feel slightly achy after the adjustment, this is completely normal. It can take time for your body to get used to this positive change as things start to free up and start moving again.

If you have private health insurance, it is likely to cover chiropractic care. Claiming is a straightforward process. We work with most  health insurance companies, just ask for more information when you call to book your appointment.

Treatment prices start at £34 per visit. We have different payment plans available depending on how much treatment you need. Your Chiropractor will talk you through the options during your Report of Findings.

Scroll back up and you'll see our 'Your Journey' section. 

Your first two appointments will be a Consultation and Report of Findings which are half an hour long. We respect your time so your treatment is always focused on the most powerful and effective treatment methods. In addition to your regular care we will meet with you regularly for a longer appointment called the re-exam; this is when we discuss your progress and review your goals together before agreeing the next steps in your plan.

Our chiropractors conduct a thorough examination and consultation to identify the cause of your pain and recommend a plan of care to get you back to health. We treat a variety of conditions including back pain, hip pain, migraines, tennis elbow, knee pain, sciatica, headaches, and frozen shoulder. Whilst most people come to us because of pain, they usually enjoy many more unexpected long-lasting health benefits.

We have seven clinics located throughout Bristol and the local area:

  • Bedminster: East St, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4HH
  • Clevedon: 26 Old Church Rd, Clevedon BS21 6LY
  • Clifton: Unit 8B, Clifton Down Shopping Centre BS8 2NN
  • Emersons Green: Graham's House, St Lukes Cl, Bristol BS16 7AL
  • Filton: Shield Retail Centre, Link Rd, Filton, Bristol BS34 7BR
  • Nailsea: 21A Somerset Sq, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1RQ
  • Yate: Yate Shopping Centre, 37 South Parade, Yate, Bristol BS37 4BB

Chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which our Chiropractors use their hands to apply a controlled and gentle force to a spinal joint. The goal of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal motion and improve your body's physical function. The ‘clicking’ sound is  just pockets of gases being released when the joints in your spine become more mobile. Contrary to popular belief this is not bones crunching! The adjustment itself isn't painful at all, and you might not even hear any pops or cracks, not everyone does.

You probably want to get on with treatment as quickly as possible, but be wary of professionals who offer promises of a ‘quick fix’ - they never actually fix the problem. If the quick fixes worked then you wouldn’t be reading this. At Willow, we start with a thorough examination and a detailed analysis of your health and condition to ensure that we know exactly what is going on with your body. We take the time to explain our findings to you and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision before starting care. For all of these reasons, we never start treatment on your first visit. 

We will start your care as quickly as possible once you have made the decision together that our plan of care is the best course of action for you.

We have helped thousands of people get out of pain and back living their life to full. Book your consultation to find out how chiropractic can help you.

*based on a survey of 4031 patients