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Sarah, Tim, Freya and Ryan are the Chiropractors at our Bedminster clinic. We are conveniently located on East Street, past Specsavers. It is well served by public transport and there is free parking available in the ASDA car park right next door. The clinic has disabled access and facilities.

Why Willow Chiropractic?

  • Deep Dive Analysis: Comprehensive exam revealing root causes.
  • Personalised Plans: Care tailored to your priorities.
  • Natural Relief: Efficient techniques without drugs or surgery.
  • Expert Care: Qualified, insured, and experienced chiropractors.
  • Progressive Monitoring: Regular check-ins to gauge improvement.
  • Long-term Focus: Lasting solutions to prevent recurrence.
  • Real Stories, Real Transformations

12 Point Comprehensive

Consultation  £24*

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Normally £48.00

All this for just £24.00
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Understanding your medical history and any past traumas is crucial in identifying underlying causes of your current condition.
A detailed evaluation of your symptoms helps in diagnosing the issue and tailoring the treatment accordingly.
Discussing what you hope to achieve through chiropractic care ensures that the treatment aligns with your personal health goals.
This includes a meticulous spinal check, assessing each spinal joint in order to identify any abnormalities or areas of concern.
Analysing how your body weight is distributed can reveal imbalances that may contribute to pain or discomfort.
Evaluating muscle strength helps in identifying areas of weakness or imbalance that could be affecting your spine and posture.
Assessing the range of motion of your spine provides insights into your spinal health and flexibility.
Examining your posture from lateral and frontal views helps in identifying postural deviations that could be contributing to your condition. We use postural analysis software to pinpoint areas of focus in your spine. Your chiropractor will explain this to you in detail at your report of findings.
A follow-up appointment where the chiropractor discusses the findings from your initial assessment and suggests a treatment plan.
Developing a tailored plan that addresses your specific needs and health objectives.
An educational session about chiropractic care and how it can benefit your health and well-being.
If necessary, you’ll be given specific exercises to aid in your treatment and recovery.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for a range of symptoms

chiropractor clinic Willow Chiropractic back pain man with back pain - back adjustment

Back Pain

Back pain, lumbago, sciatica, tension, stress, achey, stiff, tight, stuck.

Willow Chiropractic joint pain lady with painful hand - hand adjustment

Joint Pain

Elbows, shoulders, wrists or any joint. Stiff, stuck, sore, weak, achey, tingling, numb.

chiropractor clinic Willow Chiropractic headache relief woman with headaches and migraines


Head aches, migraines, cervicogenic. Most headaches start in the spine.

chiropractor clinic Willow Chiropractic knee pain, man with painful knee - knee adjustment

Knee Pain

Knee pain. Sore, weak, tight, stuck, achey, imbalanced, locked up, numb.

chiropractor clinic Willow Chiropractic hip pain woman with painful hips hip adjustment

Hip Pain

Hip Pain. Problems walking, sore, achey, tight, numbness, achey, unstable.

chiropractor clinic Willow Chiropractic other pain symptoms

Other Symptoms?

Any pain in the muscles, bones and joints will involve imbalance, inflammation and tension.

We are used to seeing big changes in our patients

No need to take our word for it, take theirs:

Willow Chiropractic relieve your pain reduced pain
Willow Chiropractic relieve your pain pain medication reduced
Willow Chiropractic relieve your pain improved sleep
Willow Chiropractic relieve your pain improved energy
Willow Chiropractic relieve your pain improved mood

(Self-reported by a sample of 246 of our patients, during their first re-examination)

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