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Massage Case Studies

Barry Smith's story Willow Chiropractic

Barry’s Story

Treated for leg pain at our Nailsea clinic.

“For over six months now I have been suffering from an intermittent pain in one of the toes on my left foot. The pain, when it comes, is quite severe just for a few seconds and then subsides.”

Yvonne's Story Willow Chiropractic

Yvonne’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Emersons Green clinic.

“I didn’t realise how tight my muscles in my legs were, and how restricted I was in my movements, until I had a sports massage.”

David's story Willow Chiropractic

David’s Story

Treated for back, neck & knee pain at our Bedminster clinic.

“With Chronic neck pain leading to headaches, I couldn’t be more pleased with the work Sarah has done, complemented by Richard’s excellent massage.”

Susans Story Willow Chiropractic

Susan’s Story

Treated for neck & head pain at our Nailsea clinic.

“For a long time I have suffered with neck and shoulder problem which have led to tension headaches and migraines.”

Pauls Story Willow Chiropractic

Paul’s Story

Treated for back pain at our Yate clinic.

“I have been coming to Willow Yate for some time but recently started having massage sessions, initially with Tim and now with Imi. I am finding the sessions really beneficial.”

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