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Dr Lacey Prosser
Doctor of Chiropractic (MChiro)

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Lacey in a nutshell

Lacey works at our Emersons Green Clinic

Lacey first became interested in chiropractic at a very young age. Her aunt is a chiropractor and watching her work, and seeing the difference that she made to peoples' lives, sparked a desire in Lacey to do the same.  

She learned more about the profession by shadowing chiropractors before applying to study for a degree. Lacey studied at the Welsh institute of Chiropractic, part of the University of South Wales. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Chiropractic and has gone on to attend a number of related postgraduate courses.

What Lacey likes

Getting plenty of regular excercise  

Lacey understands the importance of keeping her body in optimal condition. She takes plenty of regular exercise, including dog walking, eats a healthy diet and makes sure that she stays hydrated, as well as having regular chiropractic care.

Lacey's approach

Helping people to get the best out of life 

Lacey is passionate about helping people lead happier, healthier lives. She has a particular interest in treating women during pregnancy - a time when maintaining good spinal health is of key importance.  

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Where you can find Lacey

Emersons Green clinic

Telephone: 0117 369 7075
Email: lacey.prosser@willowlife.co.uk

Graham's House, St. Luke's Close, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7AL

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