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Consultation + Report of Findings + New Patient Class

  1. Consultation + Examination

A Doctor of Chiropractic will conduct a thorough consultation to find out what is causing your pain or symptoms with a full examination, diagnostic tests, and an analysis of the lifestyle factors impacting your health. This detailed consultation enables the Doctor to provide you with a clear diagnosis and set of personalised recommendations to help you get better as quickly as possible.

2. Report of findings

It is important for you to understand your diagnosis, what is causing your pain, and any underlying health issues. Your Chiropractor will talk you through what is causing your symptoms and make recommendations for care with a personalised plan, setting out your options and the expected timescale for your recovery.

3. New Patient Class

To help you get better quicker and stay well for longer, we will provide you with information and guidance to help you take back control of your own health. The first step is a New Patient Class, during which we will tell you how to get the most benefit from your chiropractic care.


For all 3 appointments

Treatment and care plans

Pay Per Visit

Pay on a rolling basis each time you visit us for treatment.

12 or 24 session care plan available

Our care plans are designed to give you the best value for money during your course of treatment. They allow you to purchase a set of sessions at a reduced cost per treatment.



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Your journey

1. Consultation

Your consultation is a thorough assessment of your health & your symptoms. The Chiropractic Doctor will fully assess your needs, identify the best approach to tackle your complaints, and get you back to feeling great.

2. Report of findings

Your chiropractor will talk you through what they found in the consultation; explaining the cause of your pain. Along with the diagnosis they will talk you through the options available to you to solve the problem and get you back to the best health.

3. New Patient Class

Every patient attends a short class at the beginning of their care.  This helps you to better understand how you ended up in pain and how to avoid problems in the future.

4. Pain Relief

The first goal of your care is to get you feeling and moving better as quickly as possible. This normally involves a period of regular visits but your chiropractor will talk to you about the type and frequency of care which is best suited to your personal circumstances.

5. Re-Exam

We will check in with you at regular intervals to review your progress and make sure that your care is achieving the results expected. As your pain reduces and you start to trust your body more, this is a good opportunity for you to set yourself some new health and life goals.

6. Stabilisation

Once you are feeling better and the pain has reduced significantly we will move on to focus on the root cause of the problem - to make sure the issues don’t return. Avoiding relapse is our primary goal in this phase of your care.

7. Wellness

You can opt to continue with regular checks to keep you in good shape, ensuring you are taking care of your long term spinal health. Our ultimate goal for you is to live a healthy and pain free life in the long term. Your chiropractor will talk you through your options at your regular re-exams.

Benefit from Chiropractic treatment on your health insurance

If you have private health insurance it may cover chiropractic care. Claiming is a straight forward process, and Willow Chiropractic regularly works with many medical health insurance companies such as Medi-Cash, AXA, and Simply Health, so we know exactly what is required.

For more information, please call and speak to a member of our friendly chiropractic assistants at reception.

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