Olivia’s Story

31 March 2022

Willow Nailsea

I had been receiving regular chiropractic care for 2 years when I brought my daughter Olivia in for her first check-up. She was five years old at the time. My main intention was to make sure that Olivia had no misalignments in her spine that may inhibit her growth and general well-being. Her birth had been a difficult and drawn out process. She had broken her leg at 18 months, so I knew she had some physical trauma. Olivia still goes to get regular check-ups and adjustments to make sure her spine is functioning at its best.

In this age of technology, and all childrens getting some time on tablets and smartphones, I am seeing a surprising amount of young children who are already showing signs of bad posture (forward head carriage, hunched shoulders). An incredible bonus of chiropractic care is seeing how well Olivia’s posture is maintained. 

In my opinion, a healthy spine goes a long way to keep my daughter healthy; after all, I get her eyes, ears and teeth checked regularly as well. How much more important is the bony structure that houses half of her central nervous system, which controls all her bodily functions!

Olivia’s Story

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